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Bankruptcy Help in Riverside, CA

Looking to discharge your debt?

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision. For many people, their concerns are based, in part, on the stressful financial situation they are in and whether bankruptcy will actually solve their problems. Others do not know how bankruptcy works and what the risks and benefits are, or whether they will qualify.

Simply stated, bankruptcy is a method by which your debts are eliminated, either in part or in whole. This is achieved by paying off your debts in a manner that is both realistic and manageable and by the courts forgiving certain debts as a part of the bankruptcy process. It is intended to give honest individuals a fresh start to their lives. The truth is that more and more people are turning to bankruptcy to dig themselves out from overwhelming debt.

Some may not qualify for bankruptcy or it may not be the method best suited to their unique situation. If that is the case, the firm has a full arsenal of weapons it can use to create a better financial tomorrow for you and your family. Visit the firm's website which contains valuable information for those in financial difficulty. For an overview of the services offered by the firm and the areas their attorneys address, please read on.

Practice Areas

Chapter 7
In Chapter 7, some of your assets will be sold in order to pay off debts you owe. Other debts will be forgiven outright by the court as part of the bankruptcy process. In many cases, once you have completed this form of bankruptcy you will be debt free and ready to begin a new financial life. The firm works to ensure you are eligible for this form of bankruptcy and then gets your petition quickly filed.

Chapter 13
Chapter 13 utilizes a repayment plan, which the firm formulates and presents to the court and your creditors, in order to pay off your debts over the next 3 to 5 years. Part of any plan that is approved is that it must be realistic, something you can live with and that can actually be accomplished. Once the plan is successfully finished, your debts will be fully discharged which is a goal worth working for.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13
Every form of bankruptcy offers diverse benefits and debt-relief alternatives for the applicants. The right type of bankruptcy for you will depend on your long-term and short-term goals and the type of relief that you need. Read more about the different ways you can profit from a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Credit Repair
Filing for bankruptcy can be a proactive step towards repairing your credit standing and you may be eligible for credit much faster than you envisioned. Anyone looking at your credit will want to know your income to debt ratio. By going through the bankruptcy process, you will have gotten rid of all or most of your debt and put yourself back in control of your finances.

Foreclosure Prevention
One of the areas that the firm takes pleasure in helping others in is preventing foreclosure on a family's home. In a rapid manner, after your petition for bankruptcy is filed, a stay is issued by the court and the foreclosure of your home can be prevented. It is vital, however, that you act immediately so that the firm has time to assist you. There are additional methods of defending your home against foreclosure that you should know as well.

Bankruptcy Myths
Are you looking for a quick and effective way to eliminate your debt? Don't be fooled by the myths and falsehoods that you may hear about bankruptcy. It is a tool created by the government to help Americans get back on their feet financially. Talk to Price Law Group and find out what is true and what is fiction.

Loan Modification
By permanently changing the terms of your mortgage, it can make your monthly payments much more manageable and may prevent the negative consequences of falling behind on your home loan. In order to receive a modification to your loan, an attorney from the firm must prove your financial hardship. Along with being able to adequately demonstrate your situation, the firm works to negotiate the type of modification that will work best for you.

Short Sale Negotiation
In selling your home for less than the value of your mortgage, you may be able to terminate your legal obligations to pay the full amount you owe. This action, known as a "short sale," can provide much needed financial relief on what is frequently the largest debt an individual owes, his mortgage. The firm assists both agents and homeowners to see that a short sale is correctly done and achieves the intended goals.

Debt Settlement
In debt settlement, the firm negotiates to assist you and your creditor in coming to an agreement to reduce the total amount of your debt and get it paid off in full. Your creditor is able to recover a portion of the money you owe and you get a realistic amount that needs to be paid. It is vital, though, to use the services of a well-versed and committed attorney to negotiate on your behalf.

Creditor Abuse An already stressful financial situation can be made worse by harassment from a creditor. While bankruptcy is a primary tool to legally stop creditors from taking any actions to collect on debts, there are additional methods the firm can use to put a halt to improper bill collection methods. You don't have to endure abuse from a creditor.

Insurance Settlement
Few situations can be more upsetting than to pay your insurance premium for years only to find that when you really need help from your insurance carrier, they fail to come through. Valid claims can be denied or an insurance company can try to substantially lower the settlement amount you are due. Seasoned attorneys from the firm know insurance adjuster tactics and how to combat them towards obtaining the settlement that is rightfully yours.

Tax Resolution
Despite the best of intentions, you may have fallen behind in the filing or payment of your taxes. Many times, the IRS is not a forgiving agency and the penalties you may be assessed can be harsh. The firm works to get the IRS to agree upon a compromise in which your debt to the IRS is considered discharged based on your payment of a portion of what you owe.

Do I Qualify For Bankruptcy?
Once the decision has been made to file for bankruptcy, there is one other hurdle that remains. The firm uses a "means test" to find out if you are eligible and what type of bankruptcy will benefit you the most. This test will compare your income against those of similar families in the state. This, plus other factors, will then let an attorney from the firm know whether to prepare your petition for bankruptcy or move ahead on another debt relief solution.

How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?
An important factor in deciding to file for bankruptcy is how much it will cost to file and go through the process. While the firm has specific fees for the various types of bankruptcy, the total cost will depend on your specific situation and whether Chapter 7 or 13 is correct for you. Please keep in mind that the purpose of bankruptcy is to give you a new beginning by paying off and/or forgiving your debts, not to drive you into further financial trouble. If the cost of bankruptcy was prohibitive, no one would choose to use it.

How Can I Save My Home?
Fortunately, there are many methods the firm can use to be able to keep you in your home. At their initial no-cost consultation, the firm becomes familiar with you and your financial situation. Based on their analysis of your circumstances, they then select the debt relief tool best suited to your needs. Loan modification, debt settlement and bankruptcy are all ways in a home can be saved from foreclosure.

What is FDCPA?
No one should have to endure the abusive actions which are sometimes taken by bill collectors. The federal government created, therefore, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to give all of us protections against collection agencies who have gone too far. This law defines what it is illegal for a bill collector to do and the firm utilizes this information to see that good people are kept safe from harm.

Wage Garnishment
There are many legitimate reasons why your wages can be garnished but there is one way to either prevent it from occurring or to get it quickly halted. An important plus in filing for bankruptcy is that once the process has begun, all actions to collect on your debts must cease. This includes the garnishment of your wages in addition to repossessions, foreclosure on your home and more.

Fair Debt Collection Practice Act
Per the FDCPA, it is illegal for a bill collector or agency to contact you at work if your employer does not want it to occur, to threaten violence, use profane or abusive language, call you repeatedly, not tell you who they are or to call you at unreasonable times of the day or night. If these or other actions are occurring, you may be able to file a lawsuit that not only stops these abuses but compensates you for your troubles.

Answers to Your Bankruptcy Questions

We understand that you likely have thousands of questions as an individual who is being confronted with the possibility of bankruptcy. In reality, this does not have to be an intimidating process. Our firm exists to clear up the confusion that so often leads to fear. By understanding the process better and what is required of you, you are taking the first step to being debt free. Anyone can call and speak with us right now for a free consultation. Adding trust to our reputation is an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and admittance to the Los Angeles County Bar. Your finances may seem unstable, which is why you need to look for an attorney with stability from a firm that is trusted. We look forward to the possibility of working with you to get you the best possible results.

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