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Information on IRS Tax Resolution

Helping You with IRS Debts

In the current economic climate, just trying to pay the day-to-day bills so that you can live can be a great challenge. You may have suffered a major income loss or found yourself unemployed which tends to put you in a position where you can only pay so many bills at a time. While it is understandable that paying taxes was put on the back-burner, the IRS is unsympathetic of such things and penalties and interest will quickly add up if you do nothing to resolve the situation.

You may qualify for an Offer in Compromise if you cannot afford to pay off the back taxes that you owe. This is a program that the IRS offers whereby you would pay off a small amount of the money you owe and after this payment is made your debt to the IRS is closed. This may seem like a simple solution however there are very specific requirements that you must meet in order to take advantage of this program. An attorney from Price Law Group should be consulted with to find out if this is a valid option for you based on your individual circumstances.

You may also be able to negotiate a monthly payment plan with the IRS that is reasonable and you are able to meet. The lawyers at the firm advise you to have the full support of an attorney by your side when dealing with the IRS in order to protect your rights as a tax payer and see to it that you are not intimidated into an unreasonable agreement.

Eliminate Your Debts for Good!

The firm has 20 years of experience helping those in financial difficulty and can be trusted to keep your best interests at heart all the way through to the conclusion of the matter. This encompasses such things as bankruptcy, debt settlement, insurance settlements, creditor abuse and short sale negotiations as well as resolving your IRS tax debts. Please realize that putting the problem off till a later date can only compound the issues you now face. It is highly advisable to take immediate actions when dealing with the IRS.

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